Garden bites #1

Like most of us I have many competing demands on my time and often I can only get out into the garden for half an hour or so. But those half hours soon add up. If you single out one task and complete it, you can get a great deal of satisfaction. This weekend in between ferrying children to piano lessons and giving in to their demands to see ‘Sing‘ at the cinema, I finally managed to deal with this ugly patch by the front door which has been bugging me all winter. 

Half an hour later (well an hour if I’m honest) it was transformed into this: 

Ok, maybe it’s not exactly reached the dizzying heights of garden transformations yet, but getting rid of all those dead and mouldy Crocosmia leaves and uncovering the green shoots of unknown bulbs underneath has inspired me to make plans for later in the year for this spot which we and our visitors see every time we enter or leave the house.

I’m thinking a lovely old-fashioned red rose against the wall, maybe Souvenir du Docteur Jamain. Then something sweet-scented for brushing past on summer evenings – sweet peas, jasmine or Nicotiana, or maybe all three.

Then a plant or two that we can pick and eat as we go past – nasturtiums for their ‘nippy biscuit’ leaves and welcoming orange hue, a pot of tomatoes and some borage for its lovely edible blue flowers. Watch this space.

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