A veg plot in an hour (or two)

Oh how I envy all those allotment bloggers out there who have dug over large symmetrical beds ready to sow this year’s goodies. Although I dream of one day joining their hallowed ranks, this year I have neither the space nor time. My bog roll broad beans have been sitting on the kitchen windowsill growing leggier by the day until I decided they could not wait a moment longer and casting work and household chores aside I headed out into the glorious sunshine to make a home for them.

The bed I have chosen is far from ideal. It faces east and at this time of year only gets sun early in the day, although its sunny period extends later in the season. It also resembled what Little Weed #1 described as ‘a public cat toilet’.

IMG_2054Undaunted by these concerns, with only an hour to spare I set to work with the spade like a woman possessed, added some lovely horse manure, raked it over with a child’s rake which turned out to be perfect for the job and created a pretty fine tilth if I do say so myself.


Then, eye on the clock, I speed-planted the broad beans (‘Bunyard’s Exhibition’), which required a little staking so leggy had they grown. The tripod of hazel sticks I have reused for the last five years has another year in it yet I reckon, so I inserted that too, awaiting ‘Enorma’ runner beans a couple of months hence. There is also room for some leafy greens and of course the carrots and calendula which the Little Weeds will be planting soon. Job done.


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  1. Hi, great post, I can so identify with it. I am lucky to have an allotment just 100 yds from the back gate but in my third year now and still haven’t cultivated it all. Digging over a bit more at a time. I have 3 children, none of whom can be persuaded to help out very often, and two of whom might do more damage than good if let loose on the plot! So time is precious, as you know. Today I had 2 hours babysitter time, just enough to sow onions, dig and weed a bit more, and add some bricks and wood chips to the paths and some manure to the beds. The plot remains very rough and ready compared to others I see – but productive nonetheless 🙂


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    1. Hi Paul, good to hear from someone in a similar situation. I know what you mean about doing more damage than good – I persuade my children to come and do some gardening then get stressed when they dig in the wrong places. That said now the weather’s nicer they are happy pottering around while I weed and prune. Am putting my name down for an allotment now in the hope that I will have a bit more time when I eventually get one. What else are you growing on yours? Ciar


      1. I always thought the idea of watching tadpoles in the pond would get the kids interested, but these days that doesn’t seem to compete with an Xbox! I am picking leeks and kale at the moment. Purple sprouting broccoli not quite ready. Just sown onions and shallots. Need a couple of dry sunny weeks to be able to plant out peas and beans and sow carrots and beetroot. Loads of strawberries doing their own thing at one end of the plot.


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