Dinosaur roar – a miniature garden


Littlest Weed is a dinosaur obsessive. At the age of just 3 he knows his Muttaburasaurus from his Allosaurus, has seen every episode of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on CBeebies several times over, and has perfected his impression of a T-Rex after hours of practice scaring his older sisters. So what better way to get him interested in gardening than to build a miniature prehistoric garden in our old butler’s sink?

This baby, bought for £20 from a local builder several years ago, has been lugged from house to house with us, much to the chagrin of our removal men. Poor guys, once I removed the root-filled soil and weeds it was light enough for me to prop it up on a couple of old bricks for drainage. Then we put some old crocks in the bottom and filled it to about 5cm below the brim with peat-free multi-purpose compost.

They were selling five alpine plants for £10 at our local garden centre; we chose a Sempervivum, a Cerastium or Snow in Summer, a pretty pink Lychnis alpina, a Sedum Coral Carpet and a white Veronica repens.


There is no shortage of interesting small rocks and stones in our garden, so we chose a few and arranged these artistically together with the plants (ok when I say we I mean I). Alpines planted, Littlest Weed was very happy to help me add small stones and pieces of chalk, again sourced from our garden (being on the South Downs we have a lifetime’s supply of chalk in our soil). Then the fun bit: introducing the model dinosaurs – of which he has many – to their new “prehistoric” home!

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  1. How cute! My daughter would love this project with unicorns


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