Six on Saturday: After the rain

Actually make that in the middle of the rain as there is more on the way, but this morning the sun came out for long enough for me to venture out.

1. Our new pirate ship

We had this awkward raised shady bed at the back of the garden under a bay tree where nothing grew. Last year I tried to make it into a den for the children but it didn’t seem to appeal, so this year I had the brainwave of turning it into a pirate ship. I have to confess this is not my own work but that of my neighbour’s gardener who has done an amazing job. He has even added a steering wheel and telescope and we are just waiting for the slide/ gangplank to arrive. Lucky Little Weeds!

2. First Comfrey flower

I love Comfrey and was chuffed to see the first white flower this morning. A few more weeks and I will be making a nice Comfrey tea fertiliser for the garden with the leaves.

3. Bare root roses

I have planted four new bare root roses this year: Lady of Shallot, Charles de Mill and Vanessa Bell from David Austin and a Lady Hillingdon climber from Peter Beale. They are starting to put out little shoots and I can’t wait until they start flowering.

4. Sweet pea seedlings

These are currently hardening off in our unheated lean-to. I am growing silver on plum Lisa Marie, bought from the Eagle Sweet Peas stand at Chelsea a couple of years ago and Old Spencer Mixed.

5. The Charleston lilacs

I volunteer one day a week at Charleston farmhouse near to us in East Sussex. This week Head Gardener Fiona and I were planting two lilacs: a white Syringa ‘Madame Lemoine’ and a purple ‘Michel Bucher’. An old home video by Charleston’s former housekeeper Grace Higgins shows that there were two lilacs in this spot between the gate and the pond at least until the early 1970s.

6. Happy Easter

We bought these painted Easter eggs in the Black Forest in Germany last year where they hang decorated eggs from every available branch. They are a reminder of a wonderful holiday. Next week we are off to Lanzarote so I may take a week off from The Propagator’s fantastic Six on Saturday meme. Do pop over to his blog to see what others have been up to in their garden this week.

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  1. Beautiful ship and beautiful place for your children to play … What have you planted that is now on the roof of the pergola? A grape vine? a virginia creeper? Is there next another climbing rose or clematis?

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  2. Your pirate ship looks amazing! My girls used to love the pirate ship in the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park – so much more exciting than just a playhouse!
    You’ve made lovely choices of roses. And ‘Madame Lemoine’ is a wonderful lilac!

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  3. That’s a fantastic pirate ship! I’m envious of your sweet pea seedlings – they look a lot better (and upright) than mine so far…. mine tend to just tangle and knot together before they get planted outside!

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  4. I am hugely excited by the roses this year. Last year i had just one. This year i have…actually I’m not sure, lost count. About 15? Plus some cuttings which are doing well. Mine are all climbers or large shrubs that can be trained against a fence or wall. Have a lovely holiday. I’m sure they have a botanic garden in Lanzarote. Just saying…

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  5. Those rose buds are so wonderful to see. Love the eggs & the pirate ship as well. Those kids’ll remember that for the rest of their lives. Great memories & maybe even familiy tradition

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      1. I am. That is what was so funny about it. White is my favorite. However, there are some flowers that are best in other colors, like lilac, wisteria, bougainvillea, crape myrtle and daffodils.

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