In a Vase on Monday: a Jar of Spring

IMG_5865After a couple of weeks off over the school Easter holidays, it is lovely to be back joining Cathy from Rambling in the Garden’s In A Vase on Monday meme. Of course, the minute the children go back to school, the weather takes a turn for the better and here in the UK we are forecast sunshine and temperatures up to 21C this week. Today is it not quite that warm, but the sun is making an appearance and the garden has suddenly sprung into life.

This week’s vase is a Kilner jar left over from my sister-in-law’s wedding, where it was filled with wild flowers. The lid is broken, so it is only useful as a vase and not for its original purpose of keeping food airtight.

I have included some of the paper white narcissi currently ornamenting our front garden – I chose the stems that were flopping over as I do not have too many to spare – alongside a branch of frothy white Spirea arguta and a couple of sprigs of pink Escallonia. In the background is our little cherry tree in blossom and a glimpse of our new lawn.

Our front garden is now repaying my planting efforts, with blue Muscari, delicate narcissi and the first of the tulips – Purple Prince and I think Yellow Flag, as well as snakeshead fritillaries and white bells of comfrey underneath our Bridal Wreath spirea.

To see what other Spring (or Autumn – depending on your hemisphere) vases IAVOM-ers have come up with this week, don’t forget to visit Cathy’s inspiring blog.


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  1. Ali says:

    Your garden is looking lush and lovely! Hope you are getting some sunshine now!

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  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    There’s a lot of lovely green behind that vase and the cherry tree is still in a pink froth.

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  3. pbmgarden says:

    Love your Spirea–it’s a favorite enjoyment of spring. The garden scene is a beautiful backdrop for your vase.

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  4. Cathy says:

    Glad you are enjoying your spring garden, Ciar – the spirea looks a lovely addition to both the garden and a vase, not a shrub I have considered before. Thanks for sharing today

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  5. Noelle says:

    One of my delights this time of year is to walk along lanes and even in town and see what people are growing in their front gardens…so many thanks to all the gardeners and you for making their front gardens attractive.

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  6. I love the soft wild look of your vase/jar. Here we have not warmed yet.

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    1. tonytomeo says:

      Yes, and the simplicity! It is the sort of thing that one could find out in the garden, even it blooms are not too abundant yet. It is also nice to see spirea. It is not often though of as something that can be a good cut flower. (That may be regional, or course. People in other regions have no problem with cutting flowering stems on shrubbery and trees.)

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      1. Thank you. I didn’t realise it at the time, but Vita Sackville-West recommends growing spirea and flowering cherry alongside one another and I have placed the spirea in front of the cherry in this vase – the two sort of reflect one another.

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      2. tonytomeo says:

        I sort of like spirea because it is elegant like the flowering cherries, but does not take up the space in the garden. I think I would prefer evergreens around either, but would not have thought to put both together. Or flowering cherries stand out very nicely in front of the dark green of the redwoods.

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  7. Lovely repurposing of a lidless jar and that Spirea is wonderful, new to me.Isn’t it wonderful to see the fruits (or flowers) of your labor?

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  8. Kris P says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying improving weather. I love the Spirea! It’s one of the many plants I admire but don’t grow because it needs more water than I can give it.

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  9. Peter Herpst says:

    Both your garden and vase are glorious!

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