Six on Saturday: Fashion Parade

So I should be outside mowing the lawn but instead I’m sitting with my nine-year-old daughter watching the fashion parade of guests at the Royal Wedding, and wow some of those frocks…

While we are on the subject here’s what’s showing on the catwalk in my garden this week, joining in with the garden maestro himself, The Propagator.

1. Aquilegia

We have an array of aquilegias which have obligingly self-seeded along our front garden path in various shades of pink and purple. I have been really enjoying their delicate flowers which deserve their common name of ‘Granny’s bonnet’.

2. Gertrude Jekyll

The first gorgeous bloom has come out on our Gertrude Jekyll rose – she seems to be enjoying her new home in our small cut flower bed alongside cornflowers, ladybird poppies and sweet peas which will soon be in flower.

3. Alliums

The alliums are a real showstopper in the garden at the moment. I can’t remember what variety these are – probably a mixture – but they are looking good.

4. Valerian

Red and white valerian grows like a weed in our garden but I have come to embrace it, not least because it ‘does’ from May to October.

5. Lilac time

We only have one small, straggly white lilac hiding in a corner. I love lilacs but am not sure where I would plant another and they are only beautiful for such a short time.

6. Carrots and calendula

It is the name of my blog and here they are growing together in one of our new raised beds with some ‘Arran Pilot’ early potatoes behind. Carrots and calendula are not officially companion plants (that would be Tagetes to keep away carrot fly) but I am hoping the calendula will form a barrier to keep away the low-flying beasties.

To see what those of us not parading around Windsor in our finery are up to in our gardens this sunny Saturday visit The Propagator’s blog.

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  1. fredgardener says:

    Nice set this week as usual. Is your clematis soon in bloom? (that of the #2 behind peas: here, everything is late …)

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    1. Thank you Fred. No it is a clematis armandii so flowered over a month ago and now needs a good prune!

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      1. fredgardener says:

        The leaves reminded me of mine…but mine didn’t like the cold winds we have had. I have to prune it soon too!


  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Valerian is certianly a good ‘doer’. I planted one white one, but now have lots of pink. I wonder how that happened?

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  3. March Picker says:

    Gertrude Jekyll is gorgeous, indeed! I would be nose-deep — after checking for bees of course.

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  4. I have been looking forward to seeing carrots and calendula “in person”! Lovely alliums. I haven’t ever tried those….. about time I did – perhaps next year.

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  5. It’s definitely Aquilegia time in my garden. Gertrude is my favourite rose and I was lucky enough to have one in the garden when we moved in.

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  6. Heyjude says:

    Gosh, your Gertrude is far advanced than mine. Such a lovely rose though with a beautiful perfume. Valerian can become a bit of a thug once it gets its roots established.

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  7. Ali says:

    This is a lovely selection of glamourous guests! I love the idea of planting carrots and calendula together – ingenious. And your cut flower bed is looking full of promise.

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  8. John Kingdon says:

    Another “roped-in” aquilegia lover, I see. Did you ever plant any or have they appeared from somewhere in your garden as in mine? I have to say I’m getting to love the free bounty, though as my paths are loose gravel, they’re in the paths as much as along the sides! Valerian’s another invader here – I tried and failed to grow it myself but a neighbour who doesn’t understand the concept of dead-heading has kindly (?) provided me with a lot of weeding as the stuff’s growing everywhere I don’t want it to.

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    1. The aquilegias were here when we arrived and plenty of seedlings dotted around – I leave them when weeding as am rather fond of free flowers.


  9. tonytomeo says:

    Alliums and columbine seem to the the flavors of the week; and I have neither. I got one picture of a tired columbine a while ago, but they are not doing much now. I am really wantng to try these alliums next year. I have been putting it off for several reasons.

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  10. byrnejudy says:

    Envious of your lovely photos. The background of your garden is just right for the plants you have grown

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