How many bulbs does it take to change the world?

My bulb order from Peter Nyssen arrived this week and I am impressed to see that the company has made huge strides towards sustainability. No this is not a sponsored post – I am a genuine unpaid fan of their bulbs.

Firstly, all of their bulbs are now, to the best of their knowledge, free from neonicotinoid pesticides – the ones proven to harm bees and other pollinators. On top of that, they have now switched their bulb packaging to bags made of GM free potato starch which can be disposed of in your garden or food waste bin.

Now for the exciting bit: the bulbs.

I am trying several new varieties this year including rose pink Chionodoxa, pale blue Puschkinia, Fritillaria Uva Vulpis, white Erythroniums and violet blue Mr Fokker anemones.

I absolutely love tulips and this year I have opted for a couple of Peter Nyssen’s own selections as recommended in House and Garden magazine: the pale pink, green and white Silk Handkerchief collection for our front garden and the jewel bright Harmony collection for pots. I have also bought some salmon pink Tulipa Apricot Beauty to go alongside snow white Narcissus Thalia and some beetroot purple Tulipa Negrita to go in our bold and brilliant border.

Finally I have got a ‘Pretty in Blue’ selection of blue and purple Dutch irises which I will probably plant near our front gate and an ‘Ocean Wave’ collection of blue and white hyacinths for indoor pots.

Can’t wait to see them all come up in spring! And they are wildlife friendly too, what’s not to like?

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    I am so envious of those who get to grow bulbs. We have the few that naturalize, but they are not as much fun. I intend to try alliums next year, and might even get some at the last minute at the hardware store this year. If bearded iris count as bulbs, I will be splitting quite a few of those.

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