Six on Saturday: Theatre of trees

A quick six this weekend as Middle Weed is on a Brownie holiday and I am taking advantage of that to clear and decorate her room. I have already taken five bags to charity (and three to the bin) this morning.

Maybe because the flowers are at long last fading away, it is the trees in our garden that are coming into focus for me now. Or perhaps it’s just because they are in need of a good trim. We are lucky to have lots of mature trees surrounding the terrace at the end of our garden, giving an almost theatrical feel to it, as well as providing privacy.

1. Fig tree

Our gnarled old fig is one of the highlights of our garden. Middle Weed will be pleased that it is now shedding its leaves as she and her friends love to climb its branches. It has never given us edible fruit, but we love it for its character.

2. Holly and plum

The holly is in our garden, the plum is in our neighbours’. The holly has been nicely shaped in the past to provide shade in summer. It is wearing a hat of jasmine.

3. Damson and pear

Both have been allowed to grow too tall by previous occupants to be much use for fruit but I can’t bear to cut them down.

4. Bay tree

Our bay is currently smothered in buddleia, clematis and grape vine but these will be cut back soon.

5. There’s a shed in here somewhere

Our small shed is cloaked in a creeper (ident anyone?) which we cut back every year only for it to grow with renewed vigour.

5. Pumpkin harvest

Not trees to finish with but our small pumpkin harvest ready for Halloween. The Little Weeds are getting excited already!

Thanks as ever to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday where we share six things from our garden each week. Hope you all have a great weekend in your gardens!

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  1. fredgardener says:

    Beautiful colors of your fig tree. (I also talked about it this week) It’s at the same stage as mine. My children have grown up now and don’t need to climb in anymore, but I remember good times when they were young, to climb in that of my wife’s grandfather (What are Brownie holidays?)


    1. It’s the junior version of girl guides, a bit like Scouts for girls under 10 – do you have anything similar in France?

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      1. fredgardener says:

        Scouts sound to me. We have them in France and I had friends in the 80s who were scouts. Girl or boys guides seem to be the same with perhaps a less religious connotation?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They used to swear allegiance to God and the Queen but now I think it’s just to respect beliefs!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. fredgardener says:

        Same here so… ( except Queen 😉)

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  2. Great idea to focus on trees – you’re right, they look stunning at this time of year.

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  3. One Man And His Garden Trowel says:

    Love the shape of the Holly tree. Is the creeper an ivy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Quite possibly but it is not like the other ivy we have in the garden.


      1. tonytomeo says:

        That is what I was thinking. It looks like common English ivy, Hedera helix. There is another type of foliage lower down. The other ivy in the garden could be Algerian ivy, Hedera canariensis, with bigger leaves, or any of the other unrelated vines that are known collectively as ivy.

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      2. I’m pretty sure it’s not Hedera helix – the leaves are too big, but I will look up Algerian ivy. It’s a horror!

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      3. tonytomeo says:

        Oh, perhaps English ivy is elsewhere in the garden, and what grows on the shed is Algerian ivy! Also, the adult growth that hangs down from support has different foliage from the juvenile foliage that creeps along the ground.

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  4. Lora Hughes says:

    I, too, love trees at this time of year. I’d also love to have a fig that was mature enough for kids to climb. Mine can support the cat, but nothing larger. How long does it take to get that big, do you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No idea – it was very mature when we moved here two and a half years ago.


  5. Heyjude says:

    Definitely the time of year to look at trees. Mine aren’t very exciting though, no proper autumn colours. I think your shed is being submerged by Ivy, but what type I do not know.

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  6. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I’m glad you’re not pruning your two old fruit trees as I always think the tracery of branches against the sky is nice to look at. I too think you have ivy on your shed..quite an invasive kind, I fear.

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  7. cavershamjj says:

    Do you know, i dont have a single tree in my garden. All are “borrowed” from neighbouring plots. I should remedy that I think. Perhaps a couple of smallish but interesting trees.

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    1. I think you definitely should and have fun choosing – I’m quite sad that we really don’t have room for any more.

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  8. Jim Stephens says:

    There’s ivy on the shed but is the thing that regrows the shoots sticking out the top and hanging down a bit too, looks deciduous. Could it be Celastrus?


  9. Chloris says:

    Lovely to be surrounded by trees. My garden is too and it feels like a forest glade and you are in your own world inside it.

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