Six on Saturday: Early Spring

I don’t know about you, but I have still not worked out exactly when Spring begins here in the northern hemisphere. Is it on 1 March, or at the vernal equinox on 21 March? Is it when the first daffodils appear, or when Gardener’s World is back on our screens? A week ago, we were all proclaiming that Spring was well and truly here, but now we are back to a mix of sunshine and grey skies and that biting March wind. I think I will settle for calling it Early Spring.

It is my birthday today and I am celebrating by joining in with The Propagator and his followers to show six things that are happening in my garden right here and right now – I have just been out with the iPhone.

  1. Spring pots

I am so glad now that I labelled these pots of Spring bulbs when I planted them in the Autumn, as there is no way I would ever remember the names. Looks like the Narcissus Replete are about to burst into flower and I can’t wait to see what Nightrider tulips look like.

2. Clematis armandii

I know it is Spring when masses of white starry flowers appear on this monster of a climber which is just outside our sitting room window. The flowers always gather at the top, looking out for the sun in this south-facing spot.

3. Persian carpet

This week I saw a picture on Twitter of Spring planting at Sissinghurst which reminded me of a Persian carpet with its jewel-like tones. This is my more modest version, a combination of vivid blue hyacinths, the purple hellebore which has at last appeared to join its pink and white cousins and pale yellow primroses. In the middle is my new Lady Emma Hamilton rose, which I am hoping will provide a splash of vivid colour in the front garden come Summer.

4. Euphorbia

This Euphorbia is enjoying a brief moment before it becomes engulfed by the fern next to it. It may never grow any bigger because of competition from its neighbour, but at least we get to enjoy the lime green flowers in Spring.

5. Charleston periwinkle

It is wonderful to be back volunteering in the garden at Charleston farmhouse. This week I came away with three little Vinca plants. I know they are considered invasive by many, but we have an awkward spot under a large bay which I have never quite managed to fix and I am hoping a mass of blue periwinkles might do the trick.

6. Plum blossom

Last but not least, I know I featured this last week, but our plum blossom really is enjoying a moment, so I couldn’t resist showing it again. If you look closely, you will see the wooden painted wind chime which the kids made, one of the ideas in the gardening and nature box for children which Mud + Bloom kindly sent us.

Now I am off to spend the rest of my birthday gardening, but I will be back later to see what the rest of you are up to in your gardens this weekend.

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  1. fredgardener says:

    I wish you a happy birthday with lots of presents ( probably some of them will be perfect in the garden, I guess) . What an idea to be born in November !… (me) because there isn’t much in this season …
    Nice 6 and I can’t wait to see your clematis Armandii in bloom .. I love it!

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    1. Thanks it is a nice month to have a birthday!

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  2. What a beautiful armandii, I bet it smells delicious. I love vinca too, they certainly are problem solvers in tricky places. Happy birthday to you, hope you are having a wonderful day x

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    1. Thanks and good to hear of a fellow fan of vinca!

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  3. carolee says:

    Happy birthday! Lucky you to have flowers already.

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  4. Happy Birthday! I love Replete daffodils, can’t wait to see yours open.

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  5. JohnK says:

    Happy 21st (again)! Let’s not worry about when spring starts. The way the climate is these days we seem to go through all four seasons in one week. I just try to predict when the last (and later the first) frosts will happen and work with that. Vinca is what I call a “Beth Chatto plant”. In the right place it does the right job when others wouldn’t put the effort in. OK, there might be a bit of containment now and then but it’s most likely going to take less effort than planting something, digging up the dying something and planting something else, ad infinitum, as nothing else will thrive in that particular spot. So nice of your Clematis to flower just below the height of your window opening. Now open the window and enjoy it properly (you do have coats and scarves, yes?).


  6. tonytomeo says:

    Even in our very mild and somewhat predictable climate, the arrival of spring, or any of the seasons, is quite variable. That is just how climate and weather are.

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  7. Lisa says:

    Happy birthday!
    I have a small patch of vinca in my front yard. I think it stays small because during the summer it’s hot and dry. Right now it’s in its glory, covered with those namesake periwinkle flowers.
    I’d say your spring is already there, if you plum is blooming.

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  8. Keith says:

    Happy Birthday! How nice of the plum tree to blossom on your birthday. Im not sure if spring ever definitively ‘starts’ here it just becomes gradually less wintery and then one day you realise that it is summer. Like others I have found vinca minor to be fairly well behaved in the right spot.

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  9. Happy birthday. I never tire of blossom, thank you! I made the same comment on my Six last week asking when spring starts, it is confusing isn’t it? The planting calendar just says ‘March’ is early spring but not when in March.

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  10. One Man And His Garden Trowel says:

    Happy birthday. The clematis looks very healthy and the blossom is lovely.

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  11. n20gardener says:

    Your clematis is a sign of things to come for me – I hope! I now think I don’t have to worry about the stems I have snapped off. But I am truly amazed by your plum blossom. What a show! Happy birthday too.

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  12. Happy birthday! Lovely Six, again.

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  13. cavershamjj says:

    Happy birthday for yesterday! What better way to spend it than in the garden.

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  14. Heyjude says:

    Meteorological spring is 1st March – 31st May as they spilt the year into 4 distinct seasons. Astronomical spring is 20th March this year. I ted to go on the latter, but given the way our climate fluctuates who knows! At the moment it feels very wintry, but with longer daylight and that is what spring means to me! Hope you had a lovely birthday – and I love your plant labels – where from? Oh, and I too like Vinca. I pinched a bit from down the road where it scrambles over the rocks and flowers all year round, and now have two plants – one for the woodland border and the other in the courtyard where I hope it also scrambles over some rocks!

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    1. Plant labels were a present from my mum who got them from Sarah Raven I think.

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      1. Heyjude says:

        Aha… the ubiquitous Sarah 😀

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