Gardenhack#1: A Gerani-welcome

At Great Dixter, they always have a ‘welcome’: a selection of pots around the front porch in which they try out different plant combinations. Now our tulips are over – the ones in pots anyway – it is time to try out some new summer pot recipes.

I got a bit over-excited at the garden centre this morning with the prospect of a Bank Holiday weekend ahead of me and amongst my new purchases were these three red geraniums for a tenner – a tried and tested formula it is true, and a romantic candy striped pink and white Phlox.

Like many gardeners, I am on a drive to reduce and reuse plastic pots. The geraniums did come in plastic pots, but I will reuse these to pot on some Tagetes cinnabar I have grown from seed. You will see that the terracotta pot I have planted the geraniums into is an old one. It was in our garden when we got here and is on its last legs, but it is rather lovely, so I shall carry on using it until it actually falls apart. (Beside it are the tulips which I have just taken out and am going to try drying and replanting in the front garden in the autumn.)

I put some old terracotta crocks in the bottom of the planter for drainage and then half filled it with compost – I used horse manure compost, because that’s what I’ve got.

Next I popped in the geraniums, trying to space them evenly, filled in the gaps with more compost and firmed it well and gave the whole pot a thorough water.

And there you have a Gerani-welcome!

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Oh, zonal geraniums. (It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at.) The old fashioned weedy zonal geraniums are so uncommon now, but we still use them in unrefined areas of the landscape. They are so easy to grow, and can be used as a cover crop for small areas. The prettier ones stay inside the landscape where we can tend to them of course.

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