Six on Saturday: Fleeting beauty

Peonies are the ultimate in fleeting beauty. Their scarce buds – this year we had only three – sit there in tight balls for a week or two before bursting into floral gorgeousness for a few brief days.

Outside the wind is tossing our newly opened peonies around something rotten. I have been out to stake the one that fell over but I am not sure they will even last the weekend.

So to kick of this week’s Six, I present our peony. Each week The Propagator invites us to feature six things from our garden this Saturday.

1. Peony

Here are our three pink peonies. I am not sure of the variety. I will enjoy them while I may.

2. Gracie and Nibbles the guinea pigs

Our resident guinea pigs are glad to be out in the garden even though they are being closely watched by our new regular garden visitor.

3. Apollo

And here he is Apollo the crazy kitten who belongs to our nextdoor neighbours but one, but is convinced he lives with us and spends his life trying to slip through our backdoor.

4. White rose

The roses are out in force now of which more next time, but we inherited this white cultivar, which was rather straggly and has responded well to pruning.

5. Helenium ‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’

I predict this will not be the last time I feature this herbaceous perennial this year as last year it went on flowering until the first frosts. Right now the first flowers are about to appear.

6. Tagetes cinnabar

Thanks to The Propagator for sending me these seeds which I planted out this morning. They are looking a little windswept but hopefully what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger!

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  1. The peony is really beautiful. I also have only one and after about three years in the garden it’s yet to flower. I think perhaps our climate is too hot for it.

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  2. Peonies are fleeting for you too? I do not bother with them. They are unreliable because they do not get much chill here. It amazes me that neighbors grow them, and some grow them well!

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  3. I am another keen fan of your peony. I haven’t bothered with any here as it is such a windy spot I don’t think the flowers would last, but I do like looking at those grown by everyone else! Love yours with the Alliums and is that a Gladiolus byzantinus amongst them? Truly a gorgeous colour.

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  4. I have a few sahins ef as well, not really established yet. I do like a helenium, have plenty of other types too. Your cinnabar seedlings look fine to me. Mine are a little bigger but I started mine sooner I think.

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  5. I love that peony/allium combo w/specks of red stuff in the background. That rose is also a winner. Such tight buds – do I see a pink blush in them? Glad it responded to pruning as it is so nice. Are the buds smaller? I’ve inherited some roses & while the blousy ones are stunning, I’m beginning to get drawn to the smaller more stable blooms, but hey, anything that smells good. Cats tend to decide where they want to live, so Apollo has chosen you. Maybe doesn’t take meals w/you, but your garden is his. Love the pigs!

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