Time to trim your hellebores

The time to trim your hellebores is as soon as the new growth starts to appear in winter.

We have three Helleborus orientalis in our front garden. They are in rather a shady spot and they seem to flower depending on which get the most sunlight. This pink one does best followed by a couple of creamier ones.

The reason for trimming the old growth back down to a clean cut at ground level is to give the new growth room. If you leave it too long, the old growth may become entangled with the new and harder to remove.

This job took me two minutes with the secateurs, and the result looks much better.

Hellebores are a beautiful flower, but it is a deadly beauty. Their name literally means ‘to harm food’ as they are poisonous. I touched on this here.

For more about the history of hellebores check out this informative post from Gardening Know How.

Perhaps I will think twice before displaying them in bowls this year with my five year old son around. I will content myself instead with admiring how these beauties grow in our front garden.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Hellebores do not do well for us. I can not explain why they are as popular as they are. By the end of summer, the foliage looks so tired, that we just bury it with a bit of compost mulch in autumn. We do not bother to cut it away first. When bloom and new foliage develop, there is nothing to interfere.


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