Sowing seeds

There is a lot of talk of change in January and even more so this year as we enter a new decade. I am trying to kickstart a new way of eating by trying out Veganuary and intermittent fasting. Six days in, I already feel as though I am giving my body and my gut a break.

When it comes to the garden, January is a great month to have good intentions. My big plan for this year is to garden more sustainably and to work out what that means as I go along. But change seldom comes overnight, it is incremental, often starting off with deep stirrings that are not yet visible to the eye, a little like seeds.

One of my aims this year is to use up all of the old seed packets I have accumulated over the last few years. With this in mind, today I leafed through my shoebox of seeds and organised them into vague piles of January, February and March sowings. There are very few seeds that fall into the January category, as the last frost is still a tiny pinprick on the horizon, more that can be sown in February and in March there will be almost too many to manage.

Here is my tiny selection of seeds to be sown in January, from the traditional garden centre Mr Fothergills Summer Purple Broccoli, to sweet peas that came free with a magazine, and from Angelica archangelica which was a gift from my mum to the passionflower, which I have wanted to try for a while as it grows well on neighbouring houses.

Yesterday, the Christmas cards and decorations came down, so I will have room on the windowsills for some trays of seedlings. What better way to start the new year?

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  1. Same here, except the vegetarian a few days a week and I sowed the seeds on New Years day in the garden. Hundreds of Arugula as I dropped the package!

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    Angelica archangelica (or at least Angelica) seems to be rather popular. I have never seen it. It is sort of getting intriguing.

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