Keep on gardening

One of my resolutions for these strange times is to get my children out in the garden as much as possible.

Today it is cold and grey, although better weather is forecast from tomorrow. But we still managed to celebrate the Spring equinox by sowing some seeds.

Together with my nine-year-old and nearly six-year-old we started off by filling some old pots and seed trays with No1 seed compost, patting it down (I use the other pots and trays to get a nice smooth surface.)

Then we sowed crimson flowered broad beans one to a pot, using a little dibber to make a hole, although your finger would do, then covering it with compost.

Next up Meteor dwarf peas, also in pots. For the smaller seeds of Gobstopper tomatoes and Summer purple flowering broccoli, we used seed trays.

Finally we watered the pots and trays before bringing them inside to – hopefully – germinate on the kitchen windowsill.

My plan is to plant a few different varieties of seeds each day, so that we have a garden full of fresh veg and flowers by the summer (and fewer trips to the supermarket!)

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  1. Wonderful! thinking of doing the same here..

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    Starting bad habits early. “Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be horticulturists.”


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