Six on Saturday: Lights, camera, action!

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is I got a new iPhone 11 so I have been trying out the camera on this week’s six. It has a rather exciting zoom function which is perfect for snapping plants.

Do join in with The Propagator who invites us to feature six things from our garden each week. It is a brilliant way of documenting the changes in your garden throughout the year.

1. Iris ‘Indian Chief’

I bought this bearded iris a couple of years ago and it didn’t do very well in the first two years but it seems to have enjoyed the hot dry April followed by a hefty dose of rain and now has several flowers about to open up. I need to stake the little self sown damson tree behind which is leaning in to the iris.

2. Laurel flowers

I think this is an English laurel but others may know better. It has very pretty spires of white flowers against the dark green foliage.

3. Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’

Yes it’s here! I know that other sixers have been posting pictures of this excellent ‘doer’ for a while and this week the flowers finally came out on mine. You’ve been tangoed!

4. Heuchera ‘Little Cutie Peppermint’

I bought two Little Cutie heucheras last year: Peppermint and Coco. Both have come back up nicely but so far only Peppermint has flowers.

5. Aquilegia ‘Blue Barlow’

A recent purchase from our local micro nursery Fi’s Yard is this rich blue aquilegia. I have also bought its cousin Nora Barlow which has yet to flower.

6. Fig leaves

The leaves are appearing on our fig tree together with tiny fruit. Summer can’t be far behind!

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  1. fredgardener says:

    My iPhone 7 has an aging and failing battery and I need to change it soon. I hesitated between 11 and 12 which will be released next autumn… The photos of your new 11 are superb! So bright and colorful …

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    1. I am enjoying the 11 so far!

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  2. Nice that the geum has finally come out and getting some good photos with the iPhone. The cameras are one of the most attractive features of them. Enjoy!

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  3. Some of my geums are fine but any that have been overshadowed by the forget-me-nots are rather behind, or dead. I have cleared a lot of the offending forget-me-nots out this afternoon, some already have mildew and others are just in the way. Your photos are all very good quality, the phone’s working well. 😃👍 I don’t think any of my irises have flowered this year. I will have to replace them for next year…..yours are a lovely colour.

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  4. tonytomeo says:

    All those laurels get confusing. It looks like a cultivar of English laurel to me. Some of those cultivars have narrow leaves like that. If it is something else, I would not know. I believe that Portuguese laurel has pendulous floral trusses. (Laurel applies to several other genera as well, including our native bay laurel.)
    ‘Indian Chief’ iris is still a popular cultivar. It must be reliable.


  5. Catherine says:

    My son has the 11 and I’m always amazed at the quality of the images he produces with it.

    The floral spires on the laurel are beautiful, and you’ve captured Totally Tangerine perfectly in its natural surroundings.

    Happy snapping!


  6. Love the flowers! The Geum is my fav.


  7. Heyjude says:

    I have two Geums, but neither are anywhere close to flowering, they are both growing in shade though I have just moved one of them in the hope it will be happier! No TT, maybe I should buy one of those.

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  8. cavershamjj says:

    need to start deadheading my geums, time flies! lovely pics. i have a lot of time for aquilegia, good for a shady spot and the foliage is interesting.

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