Six on Saturday

In true British bank holiday style I spent yesterday tidying our patio. It had become rather disgusting over the winter and was not helped by the fact that I was brewing some foul smelling comfrey tea there. Now the comfrey tea has been fed to the raised beds and I have swept and weeded although I have left the unidentified tiny leaves plant that grows between the paving cracks as I think it softens it.

The weeks are passing by in a bit of a blur at the moment so it is wonderful to be able to join in with The Propagator’s Six on Saturday meme to document the changes in our garden.

1. Patio post clean up

We ate dinner outside last night and I am currently contemplating breakfast in the sun. Can anyone help identifying the plant that grow between the cracks? Here is a close up.

2. Alliums

The alliums are coming out in force in the warm May sunshine. I planted a variety although I can’t remember their names now.

3. Iris ‘Jane Phillips’

Jane Phillips is a very popular iris with good reason as her folds are the dreamiest of blues.

4. Rosa’Gertrude Jekyll’

Another popular variety that I wouldn’t be without in my garden is the Gertrude Jekyll rose with a wonderful pink colour and scent. I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and only realised afterwards that it had been photobombed by a white spider.

5. Bleeding hearts

I had given up hope on my Dicentra this year as the bed it is in has got overgrown but it has appeared from amidst the jungle. One of the jobs on the list to be tackled this weekend.

6. Sedum

I picked this up last year from a table outside a house round the corner where it was on sale for about 30p to raise money for our local field. It has more than doubled in size and seems very happy in this sunny spot. I’m not sure of the variety but I’m guessing Herbstfreude.

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  1. The iris is wonderful, such a lovely colour, is she near the rose? Those two colours go very well together. The spider is ace. The mystery plant could be Mind Your Own Business, a thug, not to be allowed into the borders. Or if it is fragrant, a thyme. Perhaps. Enjoy your al fresco meals!

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    1. Not fragrant and definitely thuggish but at the moment restricted to patio! Thyme would be much nicer. Thank you!

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    2. Ps the iris is nowhere near the rose but you are right the colours are lovely together – good excuse to order more plants!

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      1. As if you needed an excuse! ;D

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  2. The tiny green plant looks like the houseplant that produced many a chuckle in my childhood called “Mind your own business “. I don’t know the proper name. I am envious of all the roses. There are a limited number of buds on mine and none out yet. Every year, I think how good the roses are and how, once started, they keep going and going.

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  3. fredgardener says:

    Lovely allium picture and these pale blue bearded irises are very pretty. I don’t have such a light colour. With its name, it will be easier to find it and buy it for next year!

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  4. I could see myself sitting in your garden and enjoying a cuppa! Beautiful irises!

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  5. Lisa says:

    What a lovely spot to have breakfast! You meant the ground-cover plant? I thought you meant the flower! I think it’s baby tears, which as others have said, is called mind your own business in the UK.

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  6. Gertrude Jekyll is a rose that looks fantastic on every photo. Mind your own business with regards to the plant.

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    1. Thanks – great name even if it is a bit of a thug.


  7. Mind your own business! I love the name. It looks like Mazus to me. I grew it between stones in my patio…Love the pictures, everything looks amazing. I have been cleaning my concrete stones with Pinesol. I really need to find out about Comfrey.

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  8. Heyjude says:

    Mind your own business, baby’s tears / Soleirolia soleirolii – just take a closer look at my photos and you’ll see what a thug it is! But I love it growing on the walls and in the cracks on my rear patio. And it is easy to remove though you’ll never be rid of it! Frost and snow will blacken it, but it will be back 😅

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    1. tonytomeo says:

      That makes more sense. I had never heard of ‘mind your own business’, but am familiar with baby’s tears. I sort of thought that it looks like this as well. I do not know how it grows in other climates. It would not venture out into a patio here. However, I know it can where sheltered, and where it gets enough moisture.

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      1. Heyjude says:

        I have plenty of moisture Tony! And it grows very well in the shade.

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      2. tonytomeo says:

        Well, that is what it likes.


  9. Lora Hughes says:

    Your patio looks so inviting. I do hope you had brekky out there. Loved the little spider in Gertrude. And dreamiest of blues! What a perfect decription.


  10. cavershamjj says:

    i noticed my gertie j is flowering. it is still quite small and spindly, although it did put out two new stems from the ground this year. seems like she is getting her act together.

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  11. byrnejudy says:

    Love Iris Jane Phillips, one of the best. Beautiful specimen here

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