Six on Saturday: Frost

Here is Sussex we haven’t had the snow that much of the UK has had but yesterday we had a spectacular frost and stunning winter sunshine. These pictures were taken at 10am in our garden when the frost still hadn’t melted. In the afternoon the kids and I went out for a walk to a nearby playground and there were still patches of frost which didn’t melt all day. Today we have a freezing fog – not so appealing.

I am joining in with The Propagator who each week invites us to show six things from our garden. Do check out his blog and the comments from his followers to see what fellow gardeners are up to around the world.

1. Helenium heads

I almost cut these down but am glad I left them as the frost has given them perfect little crowns.

2. Sedum

Sedums are such wonderful plants beginning with fleshy foliage then growing attractive flowers which are the perfect frost magnet.

3. Frosted geraniums

This cranesbill is ubiquitous in our garden but again it does a great year round job – filling shady corners with pink flowers in summer and green foliage in winter which frosts up nicely.

4. Mahonia

When it warms up a bit this mahonia has a beautiful scent but it was too cold yesterday so I just appreciated it’s tightly packed yellow flower buds with their delicate frosting.

5. Choisya

I mentioned a few weeks ago my surprise that our Mexican orange blossom was still in flower. I expect the frost will finally see them off.

6. Phlomis

The other photos were all taken in our north-facing back garden where the frost penetrated longer but this phlomis is in our front garden where the sun was just starting to thaw it out.

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  1. Lovely frosty photos, ours has come a day later, this morning, and makes such a pleasant change from grey! It’s another reason (or excuse?) not to be too tidy in the garden, as you show with the pretty frosted seed heads and buds…

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  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    The photos of frosty plants are all lovely, but the Phlomis is stunning, caught at just the right time and angle. I also like the Helenium. I have posted about it today, but mine is in flower. The little caps will be something to look forward to when the time comes.

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  3. It does look so pretty, the frost. We haven’t had a ground frost yet, but it is still pretty cold and some serious wilting going on!

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  4. Heyjude says:

    A lovely six. There was actually a frost here on Thursday, but I didn’t go outside. The Phlomis photo is a beauty.

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  5. Noelle says:

    A frosty garden indeed, but some lovely pictures. The close up of the Phlomis is great. I nearly posted mine this week too.

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  6. joy says:

    Lovely photos on a frosty day. I have got several plants like your Choisya that really shouldn’t be flowering now and that will be stopped in their tracks by the frost – osteospermum, pelargonium and red hot poker. Might be my six next week if I can find a few more!

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  7. Lovely frosty photos. Sedums are great all year round plants.

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  8. Lovely photos of frosted plants. I nearly managed one on Wednesday but by the time I got around to it, it had melted. I’m sure there will be more opportunities.

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  9. fredgardener says:

    Beautiful frosty pictures. ! If we have hardy plants or shrubs , we are delighted to take pretty photos on those very cold mornings. Otherwise we cross our fingers so that they resist …

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  10. Katharine says:

    Lovely photos Ciar – frost really shows those seedheads off beautifully.

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  11. Lovely seedheads. I like the geraniums in the frost. Got a few that are quite furry anyway and they form beautifully with the ice crystals.

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  12. Great frosty pictures. I love the scent of mahonia too.

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  13. Great frosty photos! Everything looks good! Looking forward to your garden all year!

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  14. tonytomeo says:

    Dang, that looks cold. I got ice! (and I had to brag about it.) When we studied Sedum spectabile in school, we were reminded that it had nice ‘winter interest’, as if any of us Californians knew much of what winter was about.

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  15. Roguegarden says:

    Lovely photographs of frosty leaves and seed heads. Ample evidence that there is beauty and interest in the winter garden.

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