Six on Saturday: Daffodils and snowdrops

So it turns out there’s only one thing harder than homeschooling in lockdown and that’s not homeschooling in lockdown! Thank goodness for the weather which meant my kids were finally tempted away from Roblox for half an hour to come outside. (For those of you without pre-teen children Roblox is an arcane and mind-sapping computer/ phone game which involves swapping neon unicorns for flying capybaras and then getting in a huge tantrum when you realise you made the wrong trade and Mum and Dad won’t buy you any more ‘Robucks’.)

The other revelation of the week – probably not a surprise to you seasoned dog owners out there is that Baxter the Cockapoo puppy wants to be wherever I am in the garden, and I mean RIGHT on top of me, sitting on my hands, trying to snatch my fork away. If I dare to dig, he shows me just how it should be done with twice as much enthusiasm. Any tips on how to stop him doing this would be much appreciated.

Thanks as ever to The Propagator who manages to fit in time to host this fantastic meme each week in between impressively long runs and some gardening too. Without further ado, here are six things from my garden this weekend.

1. Early mornings

One of the good things about having a puppy is getting up with him and going out in the garden to catch the early morning light. Especially now the temperatures are not quite so sub zero.

2. Daffodils and snowdrops

It’s that time of year when not much else is happening in the garden but the first daffs have emerged to join the snowdrops and bring a little late winter cheer.

3. King Alfred Narcissus

The first daffodils to come up in our garden are the large and bright King Alfreds – my son’s name is Alfred so these are very fitting.

4. Soil factory

I have two wheelbarrows and a large bag full of homegrown compost which have been sitting there since the autumn and have sprouted two of my least favourite weeds – bindweed and green alkanet. I am now going through the slow process of sieving a bucket at a time, removing every last trace of bindweed then weeding and mulching a small patch of the garden. I may be finished by the summer – slow gardening at it’s finest. Baxter is “helping”.

Look at that lovely tilth…

5. Sweet Honey rose

I got sent this new rose as part of the goody bag for the Garden Media Guild’s virtual awards. Needless to say the pup was very interested – he has a penchant for chewing bare root roses. Fortunately I found this old fireplace thingy in the shed. It even looks like knights guarding a treasure!

6. Crocuses

These poor crocuses have been rather crushed and the lawn is practically non-existent at the moment but they still manage to look quite pretty,.

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  1. Bindweed and Alkanet are also two of my least favourite weeds! They both have the tenacity to evade any amount of digging up. Sieving is slow work, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it – nothing’s as good for the garden as home made compost!

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  2. fredgardener says:

    The staircase with the small brick wall around , the daffodils and the snowdrops is very cute. Poor crocuses…

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  3. That grate is a perfect guard. Your garden looks lovely and I’m glad Baxter appreciates it.

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  4. Heyjude says:

    A puppy and a garden? Good luck with that one. Now you need to check that you have nothing that can harm him if he chews everything. And I don’t even want to think about bindweed! The one driving me mad at the moment is hairy bittercress – it is everywhere!

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  5. Oh the joys of parenting in the video game age! It’s a nightmare. Better weather at least helps a bit. Great use of the fireguard – this reminds me a bit of trying to protect my plants from chickens’ beaks last spring – a lot of makeshift chicken wire structures and whatever else I could find! Compost tilth looks lovely, keep it up.

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  6. Katharine says:

    Hi Ciar – look at that lovely crumbly compost – I admire your tenacity in trying to eradicate those pesky weeds. It’s nice to see the first daff there. Mine are nowhere near flowering but that’s something to look forward to.

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    Baxter seems to be more cooperative with pictures than Rhody is. Did you get him off guard?

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    1. No he’s just a poser 😆

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  8. Hope half term has gone alright and homeschooling gives some routine back. Alice wants to actually play so done lots of shop keeping and pretend baking along with some real baking this week. She’s in school again next week with both of us teaching but she isn’t sold on going back. Not as exciting as home.Nice to see the daffs out. I bough a small bunch for inside to give us some cheer while it’s grey and wet out.

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  9. I finally have dogs that i managed to convince not to dig. A sharp ‘no’ over and over and over again…some dogs like to dig so much they don’t care what you say to them. I love your Snowdrops placement with the wall. Looks great.

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    1. I fear Baxter may be one of those dogs that don’t care!

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      1. It happens! I feel lucky these two were convinced, though there is a dreadful racetrack in the back..

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  10. byrnejudy says:

    Your intro made me laugh out loud. The scruffy crocuses are Tommisiniana

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