Six on Saturday: Spring come early

It has been lovely in the garden this week. Another lockdown treat bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. Most days I have been out with the kids and the puppy pottering around and beginning the gardening year.

Over winter it can be tricky to find things to feature in Six on Saturday, hosted by his trowliness The Propagator but this week the difficulty is in knowing where to begin.

1. Seed sowing

I am not one of those super organised gardeners who begin sowing in autumn or under heat in January, so this is actually quite early for me, brought on by the almost balmy weather for the end of February. I have sowed all of my Higgledy sweet peas – Winston Churchill, Swan Lake, Cupani. My six-year-old and I went to the garden centre and found some fun Mr Men seeds and so far we have sowed Mr Happy Tomato Sweet Apéritif and Mr Sneeze Pepper Boneta. Also the Bunyards Exhibition broad beans have been sowed in the obligatory bog rolls – the same packet has lasted four years now and I still haven’t finished it. Wonder if they will still germinate?

2. Tête-à-tête narcissi

These little darlings have popped up either side of our rose arch and they are of great interest to the pup. I have had to put some bits of broken paver around their base to stop him digging.

3. Pulmonary a

I feature this pulmonaria every year but I’m sure this is the earliest it has come out, its pinks and purples resplendent in the spring sun.

4. Iris dazzle

These Iris reticulata came out overnight in an explosion of blue. They are ‘Clairette’ and ‘Harmony’ and came from Peter Nyssen.

5. Sedum

It was time to cut back the sedum this week to reveal healthy looking green growth beneath.

6. Potting shed

In the late afternoon sun it was super cozy in the potting shed this week. It’s not perfect but it’s my little corner of paradise!

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Hey, this is the opposite of my Six. Spring is coming a bit slower than it normally does here. Some of the daffodil are still blooming like yours are. It may be early for you, but is late for us.

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  2. The potting shed looks idyllic. I notice you have featured some tete-a-tetes too; they’re just irresistible!

    To my shock and horror, I recently discovered that the powers-that-be have renamed Sedum as Hylotelephium. I think I’ll give that a miss personally!

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    1. Oh yes I’d forgotten that!


  3. What a beautiful picture of your potting shed. The way the light is falling across the wooden walls is lovely. My sedums are getting over large and flopping over everything else. I’m planning to lift and divide them and only replant a portion. Is that something you’ve ever tried?

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    1. Not yet – I bought this one (for about 30p from a neighbour) a couple of years ago and I don’t think it’s big enough to divide yet!


  4. I have potting shed envy, that looks like the perfect spot. Re sowing seeds, well this year I did try to be organised and sow a few sweet peas in autumn. They all bit the dust in the cold freeze we had, so there we go, better to be spontaneous perhaps! I was wondering exactly the same thing about my old packet of broad beans, fingers crossed, they seem to last forever.

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  5. fredgardener says:

    Great photo of the pulmonaria and I also like the blue pot with irises… a good mix. I have started too my sowing…! The spring is coming

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  6. Lovely Six-on-Saturday, but you omitted Baxter this week, although he did get a mention. The pulmonaria usually takes me by surprise, I must go and check them.

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  7. Noelle M says:

    That pulmonaria is quite a stunner, and noting it on your blog gives you something to reference back to to judge whether the seasons are early or late.

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  8. Roguegarden says:

    The potting shed is indeed cozy and looks like a great place to start seeds. I remember the excitement of sprouting a shriveled, dead looking lima bean in a cup of soil as a small child. Formative experiences.

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  9. Cathy says:

    Lovely spring light in your photos and the irirs and pulmonaria are gorgeous. 😃Looks like many of us have been getting early warmth. 🌷

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  10. Love the potting shed photo. I thought the Pulmonaria was early this year as well. Saved mine for next weeks Six (this week now, technically!)

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