Six on Saturday: White rabbits

If you say ‘white rabbits’ upon waking up on the first of March it is supposed to bring good luck. I remembered to say it this year so hopefully that bodes well for this month.

Here we are at the sixth of March already and time once again to join in with The Propagator and his bunny warren of followers!

1. Prunus cerasifera

The ornamental plum blossom is out, always a wonderful herald of Spring. Later in the year this hedge between our neighbours’ front steps and ours becomes very bushy, but for now we can chat over the flowers.

2. Spring garden

This bed in our front garden always looks best in Spring. I bought three primroses for a fiver to add to the hellebores, but haven’t got round to planting them yet.

3. More hellebores

These hellebores are in our back garden but I have had to cut them back a bit as Baxter is very interested in their (poisonous) flowers.

4. Speaking of Baxter…

Some of you were kind enough to inquire after him last week. Here he is the little garden loving mischievous spirit – and here is one of his many holes – this is not going to be a good year for bulbs!

5. Arum italicum

We have lots of these in shady areas of the garden. Usually I try to get rid of them but this year I have embraced them and actually replanted some together to make a feature.

6. Salad seeds

I sowed this tray of mixed salad leaves earlier in the week and am hoping they will work as cut and come again micro-greens. I may also transplant some of the seedlings to grow outside.

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  1. fredgardener says:

    It’s party time for hellebores for you too.
    Your prunus is as beautiful as mine that I photographed last week. Bees are enjoying the flowers right now.
    I managed last winter to get rid of the ( few) arum italicums … phew!

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  2. n20gardener says:

    Beautiful hellebores and so lovely to have the early blossom of prunus cerifera. Another one for me to wonder about – can I find a space. I feel a little like a mad march hare! Suddenly there is so much to think about and to do. But it is good to be busy again.

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  3. n20gardener says:

    oops I mean cerasifera!!


  4. Beautiful plum blossom and hellebores. Baxter is looking good too.🙂

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  5. The Prunus cerifera is a beauty. And what you’ve done with the hellebores and primroses in the spring garden is just the effect I’m after with my newbie hellebores. Looks lovely. I think Baxter is trying to look especially cute there, to make up for those holes – reminds me a lot of my chickens last year 😉

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  6. Heyjude says:

    ‘white rabbits’ is definitely better than ‘a pinch and a punch on the first of the month’ which for some reason my children favoured! Ouch!

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    Wow, hellebores are still going! I got pictures of ours, which I never do because I dislike them so. They are doing remarkably well this year though, and happen to bloom late too. I will share their pictures next week.
    Baxter will likely become a tradition in your Six on Saturday, as everyone will expect to see him. That is what Rhody did to mine.


  8. White Rabbits? interesting, Alice in Wonderland or something? Love the spring garden, there is always something lurking in a pot to be planted..Baxter is adorable, his holes are much less so?


  9. byrnejudy says:

    Perfectly captures the spirit of springtime


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