Six on Saturday: The Sociable Cutting Garden

Until now I have referred to our four metre by metre raised beds as my Front Garden Allotment, but this year I am shifting focus to growing flowers for cutting.

I am calling it the Sociable Cutting Garden because there is always someone to chat to as they pass by or our neighbours, or at the very least action to watch on the street. Fragments of conversation float up as I am bending down weeding or sowing seeds.

There will still be some vegetables – onions beneath the Gertrude Jekyll rose and some self-seeded lettuces from last year which I’ve rearranged in a row. But the emphasis will be on flowers for the house or to give as gifts.

Six on Saturday is a wonderful meme created by The Propagator . Do check out the comments in his post to see what gardeners around the world are up to this weekend.

1. Sweet peas

I have been very pleased with the sweet pea seedlings raised from Higgledy Garden seeds. Now they have been planted out in this sunny and dry spot I just hope I can do them justice but remembering to water them and tie them in as they hopefully grow big and strong. Fingers crossed!

2. Ferdinand Pichard rose

My beloved daphne died this year, but not to be deterred I whipped it out and have replaced it with this rose which is an old pink and white striped rose which is in the garden at Charleston farmhouse where I used to volunteer. I have direct sown blue and black cornflowers round the base. In the background are the lovely Thalia narcissi I planted last autumn.

3. Lettuces and calendula

Four little lettuces all in a row and two types of calendula – Indian Prince and Art Shades – which can be direct sown at this time of year.

4. Sunflowers, poppy and borage

Again the sunflowers and borage are direct sown. The poppy is self-sown and I will leave it for now to see if the other seedlings come up in time, but it is a bit of a brute so if it seems to be blocking out their light I will whip it out.

5. Ballerina Tulips

I rather like this wildish corner with the bright Ballerina tulips in a small tub surrounded by Crocosmia. I’m even feeling benevolent towards the detested green alkanet with its admittedly pretty blue flowers.

6. The long view

These are the beds just before I started sowing flower seeds or planted out the sweet peas. Very much a beginning of the season shot. I’m hoping by June this same view will be full of scent and colour.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Is alkanet detested more than montbretia? I am unfamiliar with alkanet, but have had major difficulty with montbretia.

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    1. Montbretia is definitely a thug in my garden but it is also more thought of as an attractive perennial here I think. I have found the perfect way to kill it off – letting Baxter run back and forth over the corms!

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        It actually died on its own in one of my gardens! I can explain it, but it is gone from a spot where it once grew. It would be nice to know how and why it died there.

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  2. It should look fabulous. I’m looking forward to seeing all those flowers. I love the Ferdinand Pichard rose you’ve chosen.

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  3. Paddy Tobin says:

    A wonderful use of space!

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  4. Your Sociable Cutting Garden is looking great.

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  5. fredgardener says:

    Good idea to start sowing sunflowers! I’ll have to get started.. tks !

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  6. Linda Casper says:

    I hope you keep us up to date with the progress of your Sociable Cutting Garden.

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  7. My sunflowers (seeds courtesy of Fred) are ready to go out since I started them in the greenhouse, I hope not too early. Like you I have just planted out my Sweet peas (seeds courtesy of Fred) and hope I remember to water them enough. Your raised beds are very neat – I assume Baxter isn’t allowed to run around at the front. Just as well.

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    1. Ha ha yes it’s a Baxter free zone!


  8. Roguegarden says:

    Excellent plans. I am also trying to use more flowers like borage, marigold, and calendula interspersed among the vegetables this year. I really like the looks of your sweet pea support trellis. I nice design that I may have to borrow.


  9. I really like your cottage-garden style planting, mixing flowers with the veg, I think it will look lovely. So nice also to have a dedicated little bed for sweet peas, I’m always trying to fit mine in where I can, but might have to reconsider for next year. I do a lot of front garden gardening too, but sometimes when I’m ‘in the zone’ I resent having to talk to people on the street!

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  10. Heyjude says:

    I rather like the green alkanet with its pretty blue flowers, though I haven’t got any to complain about. Beware the Borage though – that can be a thug too – once sown, never without! I must get my calendula and sunflower seeds into the ground, but I am waiting for some rain as it is very dry. Although maybe that could help in keeping the S&S away.

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