Six on Saturday: the romantic garden

I have still to get my gardening mojo on this year. It’s gone from being cold and dry to cold and wet. There’s been the occasional splash of sunshine but I’ve remembered about slugs and snails and I’m fearing for my sweet peas.

The garden is loving all the rain though after the extended dry period and seems to be having a bit of a honeymoon even though I’m letting it run rather wild.

In the herbaceous border there are dreamy blues and whites, forget-me-nots and aquilegeas have self-sown everywhere and even the apple tree we cut right back because it was falling over has come into blossom.

Each week The Propagator invites garden bloggers from around the world to share six things from their garden this Saturday. Do check out his blog and the comments to find out more.

1. Aquilegia

We are lucky to have plenty of self sown aquilegias like this pretty pink one poking out of our paving. Ironically the special ones I bought last year haven’t come up again. I’ll just leave them to their own devices in future.

2. Bleu Aimable

This is my very favourite tulip. It starts off pink and then fades to a bluish lilac. Here is a longer shot of it with Queen of the Night tulips and the Ceanothus and Laurel in the background.

3. Apple blossom

We lost our dwarf apple tree over the winter after the non-gardener used it as a tent peg. Our other apple tree was leaning over dangerously and so the tree surgeons cut it right back. It seems quite happy still and has produced some lovely blossom.

4. Ferns

The ferns are unfurling. I just hope they can quickly grow big enough not to take a battering from Baxter who likes to run this way up into the garden. (Hence the fire guard behind them protecting a Hydrangea petiolaris which he was doing his best to dig out.

5. Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’

Having grown only Totally Tangerine for the last few years I decided to branch out to a scarlet lady this year. Mrs Bradshaw is still in her pot but hopefully it will stop raining long enough to get her in the ground this weekend.

6. Front garden allotment

Not sure how successful my attempts at a cutting garden are going to be as the slugs and snails have demolished all my seedlings, but the self-sown lettuces which I replanted in a row are loving the rain and doing really well. The green alkanet in the foreground is running rampant again but I’m leaving it as I’ve read it’s brilliant for bees!

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  1. Your garden is just beautiful! You clearly work very hard in it, with or without Baxter’s help.

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  2. What a beautiful scene in photo 3 with the Ceanothus, Laurel, Tulips and Bluebells – wow! Everything is looking lush and your plants are clearly enjoying the rain, even if you are not! I am worried about my flower seedlings too now that the slugs have free reign, but your lettuces look great along with the alkanet and comfrey.

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  3. Too much rain seems to be a common theme at the moment. It’s all looking beautifully lush in your garden and the mix of plants in photo three is lovely

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  4. fredgardener says:

    My geums ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ are starting to open too. The more the years go by, the more I have on the main plant. Nice background with the ceanothus/laurel both in bloom.

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    1. tonytomeo says:

      What species of laurel is that? It blooms so profusely. The leaves look familiar. The only laurel we know (within the Prunus species) is known as English laurel. It had broader leaves, but doe not bloom profusely.


  5. cavershamjj says:

    A bit more sunshine would be very nice, but at least our gardens are looking lush.


  6. The blues are dreamy, and the Laurel is gorgeous!


  7. tonytomeo says:

    That seems like an odd climate for Ceanothus. I think of it as a native chaparral plant; and I am not acquainted with those that are not from chaparral climates.


  8. I was interested to see the Bleu Aimable growing in your garden. I’ve often fancied it from the catalogue description but not grown it myself. It looks fabulous. The ceanothus is looking fabulous in the background.


  9. Pádraig says:

    The front allotment is fabulous! I love the timberwork. Aquilegia looks a bit battered. Hopefully some sunshine will help it.


  10. n20gardener says:

    Mrs Bradshaw looks good, but I’m most impressed by your lettuces. Mine are a bit slow, but hopefully on their way! Lovely tulip shot.


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