Six on Saturday: Fresh Start

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed in the garden lately, what with the weird weather watering the weeds and making it less appealing to garden. Hence the radio silence on SOS. But two things happened this week to inspire me to make a fresh start.

The first was visiting the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and being totally wowed by the show gardens including Tom Stuart-Smith’s gorgeous Mediterranean planting, Will William’s garden for Viking based on the Scandinavian ‘Friluftsliv’ lifestyle and Jamie Butterworth’s garden for a green future.

The second was finally conceding I needed some help in the garden with three demanding kids, a crazy cockapoo and a non-gardening husband. So I called on the services of an amazing all-female local gardening company and they came yesterday and weeded and pruned so that it will be a pleasure to be back in the borders.

This week’s Six, joining in with The Propagator and his fabulous weekly meme, show quite a bit of empty space – all the better to fit in all those lovely flowers I saw at Hampton Court!

1. Underneath the Cornus

The Cornus in the background provides a useful screen from our (very nice) neighbour but it has got completely unwieldy. Now it has been trimmed right back to reveal persicaria, Symphyotrichum ‘Little Carlow’, Gaura lindheimeri and Carex in the background as well as some Gladiolus byzantinus.

2. A pocket in the long border

This border closest to the house is still pretty full. But now I have a little pocket for planting behind the Fatsia japonica and the Lady of Shalott rose and I have the perfect peony to put there.

3. Astrantia revealed

This lovely astrantia from Marchants Hardy Plants had got lost under a cloud of ragwort. Now this bed has been edited right back so its only companions are some biennial honesty.

4. Pulmonaria

This is another area that had got completely overgrown and now I can see the pulmonaria I brought from Charleston farmhouse where I used to volunteer. It looks like it has been enjoying the cool damp weather. And look at the lovely edge the ladies have put on our lawn.

5. New rose and mint

I was given this Sweet Honey rose earlier this year and it looks sweet indeed next to the mint. Plus another pocket to plant in!

6. Hedgehog hole

When we got our puppy back in January we closed up the holes in the fence so he couldn’t get out. Our neighbour has asked us to open this one up again for hedgehogs to get through, but I couldn’t find it beneath all the undergrowth. Now I can see it again to open up a hedgehog passage.

Now to get planting in the hope that I can one day achieve something like this…

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Hampton Court. I’m working through the BBC coverage gradually. I’d like pulmonaria though no idea where I’d fit it.

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  2. Glad you are re-inspired (real word?), the gardeners have done a great job. It is very easy to feel over whelmed by it all and now you can enjoy your garden again. Hampton Court looks wonderful!

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  3. fredgardener says:

    Nice job done by the gardeners but also indirectly by you. Everything looks nice in your garden.Hampton Court must be a great place to visit

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  4. I’m sorry, but I think your garden is much nicer than the Hampton Court one in the pictures, so don’t try to achieve that look. 😉😊 Anyway, the ladies have done a good job and given you space to fill with plants for Baxter to rearrange. Interesting Six-on-Saturday again.

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    1. Thank you – Baxter is busy digging a hole down under in our lawn so maybe I can visit our antipodean friends!


  5. Noelle M says:

    So pleased you decided to call in the help and can now enjoy your garden. Like any CEO with many demands, knowing when to call in additional help is just part of the range of skills required in order keep a good balance. I think your garden looks quite lovely as it now stands.

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  6. How lovely to rediscover the hidden plants. I bet they’re grateful and will flower/grow like mad to fill the gaps 😉

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    Does the neighbor want the hedgehog to come or go? Are they helpful by eating grubs and mollusks? They look scary. I mean the mollusks, not the neighbors.

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    1. They want them to be able to come into their garden I think. I know she has bought a hedgehog feeding station! And yes they eat slugs and snails – we have had a terrible year for them with damp weather!

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        Feeding station?! I would rather they eat more mollusks.

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      2. Heyjude says:

        Tony’s right. Why need a feeding station? Surely you want them to eat the S&S?

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  8. Heyjude says:

    I sometimes think it is time I employed some gardening help – not so much the planting and weeding bit, I quite like doing that even if the current spate of bindweed is driving me mad – but I need someone to help repair raised beds that are starting to rot and mend fences. I suppose that’s more of a handyman than a garden team. Nice to have some spaces to plant in again, my garden has reached that point where it is in need of thinning out. All this rain has not helped! So much foliage, less flowers. Oh, and I loved Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden too. Now that’s the look I am aiming for.

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  9. Pádraig says:

    You’ve an amazing memory for remembering where plants were bought! I’d imagine if some of mine were lost under shade of overgrowth, everything assiciaste with them would be lost too!
    Hampton Court looks amazing. I’m delighted that it has helped give you a fresh start, Ciar.


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