Seedy weekends

So far February has been a month of work deadlines and half term (aaaagh) limiting my ability to get going in the garden. But my appetite has been whetted by the appearance of a solitary flower on one of the three hellebores I planted last autumn;  By palest purple crocuses appearing in the lawn behindContinue reading “Seedy weekends”

Bohemian Rhapsody

This week my mum and I went to see the novelist Charlotte Mendelson talking about her new non-fiction book about her tiny North London garden, Rhapsody In Green, to the Lewes Literary Society. Charlotte was warm, exuberant and funny, making fun of her own ‘pre-war vowels’, and made me feel a lot better about myContinue reading “Bohemian Rhapsody”

A real family garden

It is the beginning of January and our garden is looking a bit sorry for itself. In the flower beds, weeds are poking through last year’s dying vegetation. The lawn is scrubby and half covered with a giant trampoline. Our soon to be veg patch is a favourite toilet spot for next-doors’ cats. In ourContinue reading “A real family garden”