Six on Saturday: Chelsea snowdrops

This week I was lucky enough to find myself in the Chelsea Physic Garden right in the middle of its Heralding Spring snowdrop festival on a rare sunny day. There was such a wealth of wonderful Galanthus and other early spring bulbs that I could not resist bringing this week’s six from this green oasisContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Chelsea snowdrops”

Six on Saturday: Hellebores and more

I have to confess it’s not the most inspiring time of year in the garden. Outside it’s cold and grey and the plants are looking well, sorry for themselves. But my mum and I had a little moment of joy this afternoon popping into the Snowdrop Day at Marchants Hardy Plants in Laughton, East Sussex.Continue reading “Six on Saturday: Hellebores and more”

Six on Saturday: Garden survey

This week I started a three month Garden Design Diploma at the English Gardening School based at the Chelsea Physic Garden, an oasis of calm in the city. The course involves surveying and designing for a project garden and one of the first things we have to do is take plenty of pictures as aContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Garden survey”

Land art and the gardener

When does gardening become art and when does art become gardening? This was the question that fleeted through my mind as I stood watching a video of one of the great land artists of our time at work in the brilliant David Nash: 200 Seasons exhibition at the Towner art gallery in Eastbourne. The exhibitionContinue reading “Land art and the gardener”

Time to trim your hellebores

The time to trim your hellebores is as soon as the new growth starts to appear in winter. We have three Helleborus orientalis in our front garden. They are in rather a shady spot and they seem to flower depending on which get the most sunlight. This pink one does best followed by a coupleContinue reading “Time to trim your hellebores”

Six on Saturday: 2020: A year of gardening sustainably

What is sustainable gardening? Is it choosing locally or ethically sourced materials? Is it avoiding buying any more plastic pots and reusing those you already have? Is it propagating your own plants from seed and choosing diverse varieties, then at the end of the growing season saving seed for the following year? All of theseContinue reading “Six on Saturday: 2020: A year of gardening sustainably”

Six on Saturday: The Tulip

I have been eyeing up Anna Pavord’s book The Tulip in our local library for some time now. Only the sheer size of the thing prevented me borrowing it. But I found I couldn’t stop thinking about it so this week I brought it home. It is so dense I will probably have to renewContinue reading “Six on Saturday: The Tulip”

Six on Saturday: Truly Autumnal

The garden, like the weather, is looking wild at the moment. Leaves strewn everywhere, perennials dying back to make interesting shapes and textures, but still the roses go on blooming. Each week The Propagator invites us to share six things from our garden and it is a delight to see what he and his followersContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Truly Autumnal”

Six on Saturday: Overwhelmed in October

As the title of this blog suggests, I am feeling rather overwhelmed by our garden at the moment. We have been here for three and a half years now, and I have done some things that I am pleased with, but the fact of the matter is we inherited an urban garden that was quiteContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Overwhelmed in October”