Six on Saturday: Stormy weather

Some much needed rain last night in the form of a dramatic but short-lived thunderstorm. At last the garden has had a watering. I was weeding in amongst the alliums yesterday and noticed they had gone all floppy. I tend not to water my garden even in dry spells except for new plants and pots,Continue reading “Six on Saturday: Stormy weather”

Six on Saturday: Singing the Blues

Blue is the predominant colour in our garden right now – with a good measure of white and yellow thrown in. For this week’s six, joining in with the garden maestro himself, The Propagator, I am ‘singing the blues’ in celebration of my favourite colour. 1. Corydalis flexuosa ‘Pere David’ This week I had aContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Singing the Blues”

Six on Saturday: Counting blessings

How are we all? I don’t know about you but I wake up each morning thinking the world is normal, then I remember that it’s not. Still, we have to focus on the positives. I feel very blessed to have a nice house and garden and to live in the beautiful South Downs where IContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Counting blessings”

Six on Saturday: They can’t cancel the Spring

Wise words from the great David Hockney this week. The Bradford-born artist, who is currently self-isolating at his home in Normandy, unveiled a new picture of daffodils to cheer spirits with the message ‘Do remember they can’t cancel the Spring.’ I am sure many of us SOSers are taking comfort in the new growth inContinue reading “Six on Saturday: They can’t cancel the Spring”

Keep on gardening

One of my resolutions for these strange times is to get my children out in the garden as much as possible. Today it is cold and grey, although better weather is forecast from tomorrow. But we still managed to celebrate the Spring equinox by sowing some seeds. Together with my nine-year-old and nearly six-year-old weContinue reading “Keep on gardening”

Six on Saturday: Sanctuary

I don’t know about others, but my garden feels like a sanctuary at the moment. A place I can momentarily forget the madness and focus on the minutiae of growing things, pushing their way up through the earth to celebrate Spring. Sadly this week it also became the final resting place for our much lovedContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Sanctuary”

Six on Saturday: Stormy times

First there was my namesake Storm Ciara and now we are expecting Storm Dennis. Our five-year-old is quite excited and keeps on asking when he’s going to arrive as if he’s an old friend coming to visit. But all these storms are taking their toll on trees. To add to their arboreal woes this weekContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Stormy times”

Six on Saturday: Hellebores and more

I have to confess it’s not the most inspiring time of year in the garden. Outside it’s cold and grey and the plants are looking well, sorry for themselves. But my mum and I had a little moment of joy this afternoon popping into the Snowdrop Day at Marchants Hardy Plants in Laughton, East Sussex.Continue reading “Six on Saturday: Hellebores and more”

Six on Saturday: Garden survey

This week I started a three month Garden Design Diploma at the English Gardening School based at the Chelsea Physic Garden, an oasis of calm in the city. The course involves surveying and designing for a project garden and one of the first things we have to do is take plenty of pictures as aContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Garden survey”