Time to trim your hellebores

The time to trim your hellebores is as soon as the new growth starts to appear in winter. We have three Helleborus orientalis in our front garden. They are in rather a shady spot and they seem to flower depending on which get the most sunlight. This pink one does best followed by a coupleContinue reading “Time to trim your hellebores”

Six on Saturday: 2020: A year of gardening sustainably

What is sustainable gardening? Is it choosing locally or ethically sourced materials? Is it avoiding buying any more plastic pots and reusing those you already have? Is it propagating your own plants from seed and choosing diverse varieties, then at the end of the growing season saving seed for the following year? All of theseContinue reading “Six on Saturday: 2020: A year of gardening sustainably”

Six on Saturday: The Tulip

I have been eyeing up Anna Pavord’s book The Tulip in our local library for some time now. Only the sheer size of the thing prevented me borrowing it. But I found I couldn’t stop thinking about it so this week I brought it home. It is so dense I will probably have to renewContinue reading “Six on Saturday: The Tulip”

Six on Saturday: Truly Autumnal

The garden, like the weather, is looking wild at the moment. Leaves strewn everywhere, perennials dying back to make interesting shapes and textures, but still the roses go on blooming. Each week The Propagator invites us to share six things from our garden and it is a delight to see what he and his followersContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Truly Autumnal”

Six on Saturday: Overwhelmed in October

As the title of this blog suggests, I am feeling rather overwhelmed by our garden at the moment. We have been here for three and a half years now, and I have done some things that I am pleased with, but the fact of the matter is we inherited an urban garden that was quiteContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Overwhelmed in October”

Six on Saturday: Raindrops on Roses

We need to talk about the weather. Over the past month, in normally dry, sunny Sussex, we have had rain of near-biblical proportions. The Winterbourne stream which runs through our town (literally winter stream) usually a trickle at this time of year, is already a torrent. I know that compared to many other parts ofContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Raindrops on Roses”

Six on Saturday: Planting for Climate Change

It has been dry, dry, dry in our garden and so as someone who has little time for watering I am using it as an experiment to see what plants will survive in our changing climate. (That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.) Yesterday I went on our local Climate Strike march in Brighton with myContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Planting for Climate Change”

Six on Saturday: September Sunshine

I am writing this sitting in an old rattan chair in our open front porch enjoying the warm September sun. I’ve had a few weeks off Six on Saturday while we took a French road trip followed by the chaos of getting the kids back to school so it is wonderful to be back joiningContinue reading “Six on Saturday: September Sunshine”

Six on Saturday: And relax…

July was completely manic. My daughters turned 9 and 11 and enjoyed extended birthday celebrations organised by yours truly. The end of the school term reached epic levels of parental involvement with my oldest saying goodbye to primary school and my youngest leaving reception. And to end the month I spent a day serving creamContinue reading “Six on Saturday: And relax…”

Six on Saturday: Mellow yellow and tangerine dreams

Each season brings new colours in the garden and for me yellow and orange scream high summer. Which is why I have chosen a restricted colour palette for this week’s six: 1. Dahlia ‘Lemon Days’ This was a new garden centre purchase on a whim, a lemon dahlia with an orange centre that works wellContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Mellow yellow and tangerine dreams”