Six on Saturday: Fleeting beauty

Peonies are the ultimate in fleeting beauty. Their scarce buds – this year we had only three – sit there in tight balls for a week or two before bursting into floral gorgeousness for a few brief days. Outside the wind is tossing our newly opened peonies around something rotten. I have been out toContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Fleeting beauty”

Six on Saturday: Easter cornucopia

On this glorious Easter weekend there is a cornucopia of things to choose from for this week’s six. 1. Apple blossom I love the pink and white candy blossom on our dwarf apple tree which has opened out in the warm sunshine. Last year we only got one apple on this tree after the BeastContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Easter cornucopia”

Six on Saturday: Tulips!

‘April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain.’ T. S. Eliot, ‘The Wasteland’ I missed last week’s Six on Saturday due to an all day yoga course, so apologies if someone has already quoted T. S. Eliot, but at this timeContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Tulips!”

Six on Saturday: From grey skies to paradise

Sorry to be a holiday bore but this week I travelled from this: To this: The journey was hell on earth, packed into a sky-borne cattle truck with a manic four-year-old sat behind a gentleman who had absolutely no patience with said 4-yr-old and probably could not understand why we were not flogging him intoContinue reading “Six on Saturday: From grey skies to paradise”

Six on Saturday: Mum’s garden

As it is Mother’s Day tomorrow and I am visiting my mum today, I thought I would share six plants from her garden – which is much more impressive than mine, even on a damp, grey Saturday. 1. Pulmonaria ‘Sissinghurst’ This pretty white pulmonaria is in the white bed outside my mum’s kitchen window –Continue reading “Six on Saturday: Mum’s garden”

The first cut is the sweetest

It’s Harry Potter mania in our house at the moment. Little Weed#1 and Middle Weed can’t get enough of all things Hogwarts and for a while I thought that was why I had selected a variety of sweet pea called ‘Nimbus’ this year (after Harry’s broomstick, the Nimbus 2000). Then I remembered visiting the GoldContinue reading “The first cut is the sweetest”

A real family garden

It is the beginning of January and our garden is looking a bit sorry for itself. In the flower beds, weeds are poking through last year’s dying vegetation. The lawn is scrubby and half covered with a giant trampoline. Our soon to be veg patch is a favourite toilet spot for next-doors’ cats. In ourContinue reading “A real family garden”