7 Reasons to love the Charleston Festival of the Garden

The Concept: the two-day Festival of the Garden was curated by leading landscape designer and 8 times Chelsea gold medallist Tom Stuart-Smith. This year’s subtitle was ‘Gardening for Curious Minds’, with themes including husbandry versus wildness, allotments and sustainability and the healing garden. I was only able to attend – as a volunteer – onContinue reading “7 Reasons to love the Charleston Festival of the Garden”

Six on Saturday: How to plant an apple tree

This week’s six come not from my own garden, but from the garden at Charleston Farmhouse in East Sussex where I volunteer one day a week. This week, we were joined by Zuky from Sussex Apple Trees, who showed us the best way to plant an apple tree. Charleston has bought a small collection ofContinue reading “Six on Saturday: How to plant an apple tree”

Bare bones

The last rose, a final flowering hollyhock, these are the little treats that the end of the year throws up, but for the most part December is the month when the garden is finally reduced to its bare bones. This can be dispiriting, particularly when it is accompanied by low light levels and cold, dampContinue reading “Bare bones”