Six on Saturday: So, it’s been a while….

… since I last joined in with SOS. Lockdown with three kids was pretty intense and it was hard to find time to blog. But it’s nice to be back sharing six things that are brightening up my garden this week. I’m looking forward to seeing what the The Propagator and other SOSers have beenContinue reading “Six on Saturday: So, it’s been a while….”

Six on Saturday: Rainbow garden

Rainbows have become a symbol of our times and in this unprecedented sunny spring our garden has come out in glorious technicolour. Each week The Propagator asks us to show six things from our gardens and this week I hope to capture the riot of colour. 1. Front garden allotment The front garden where IContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Rainbow garden”

Keep on gardening

One of my resolutions for these strange times is to get my children out in the garden as much as possible. Today it is cold and grey, although better weather is forecast from tomorrow. But we still managed to celebrate the Spring equinox by sowing some seeds. Together with my nine-year-old and nearly six-year-old weContinue reading “Keep on gardening”

Six on Saturday: Easter cornucopia

On this glorious Easter weekend there is a cornucopia of things to choose from for this week’s six. 1. Apple blossom I love the pink and white candy blossom on our dwarf apple tree which has opened out in the warm sunshine. Last year we only got one apple on this tree after the BeastContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Easter cornucopia”

Our front garden allotment

Last winter, I cut down some of the overgrown shrubs in our front garden and replaced them with an experiment: a front garden allotment in the shape of four raised beds, each a metre square. This is not the first time I have turned part of our front garden over to growing produce. In ourContinue reading “Our front garden allotment”

Six on Saturday: Welcome to the jungle

There is that inevitable moment when you get back from holiday, step into your garden and think ‘Wow – it’s a jungle out here.’ It’s not just the length of the lawn – yes it has grown back after the drought as Granny’s Garden promised. It’s as if all of the plants, liberated by theContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Welcome to the jungle”

Six on Saturday: Cherry blossom time

The Japanese celebrate cherry blossom time because it heralds the arrival of a change in the season as well as for its reminder of the fleeting beauty of life. I wonder how many of you Six-ers out there are, like me, remembering today just what it is we love so much about gardening: being outContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Cherry blossom time”

Six on Saturday: glad to be outside again

This week has been the first of the year when I have really enjoyed being out in the garden. It feels like everything is coming back to life and I have a sense of excitement about the year ahead. So it is a joy to join in with The Propagator’s Six on Saturday meme andContinue reading “Six on Saturday: glad to be outside again”

A Year in Our Garden: 2017 in Pictures; Part 2 – April and May

Looking back makes me realise how much happens in the garden in the third and fourth month of the year. I had been planning to post pictures in quarters but there is no room for June here – that will have to come in my next post! April   May