Six on Saturday: Raindrops on Roses

We need to talk about the weather. Over the past month, in normally dry, sunny Sussex, we have had rain of near-biblical proportions. The Winterbourne stream which runs through our town (literally winter stream) usually a trickle at this time of year, is already a torrent. I know that compared to many other parts ofContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Raindrops on Roses”

Six on Saturday: Planting for Climate Change

It has been dry, dry, dry in our garden and so as someone who has little time for watering I am using it as an experiment to see what plants will survive in our changing climate. (That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.) Yesterday I went on our local Climate Strike march in Brighton with myContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Planting for Climate Change”

Six on Saturday: September Sunshine

I am writing this sitting in an old rattan chair in our open front porch enjoying the warm September sun. I’ve had a few weeks off Six on Saturday while we took a French road trip followed by the chaos of getting the kids back to school so it is wonderful to be back joiningContinue reading “Six on Saturday: September Sunshine”

Six on Saturday: And relax…

July was completely manic. My daughters turned 9 and 11 and enjoyed extended birthday celebrations organised by yours truly. The end of the school term reached epic levels of parental involvement with my oldest saying goodbye to primary school and my youngest leaving reception. And to end the month I spent a day serving creamContinue reading “Six on Saturday: And relax…”

Six on Saturday: Mellow yellow and tangerine dreams

Each season brings new colours in the garden and for me yellow and orange scream high summer. Which is why I have chosen a restricted colour palette for this week’s six: 1. Dahlia ‘Lemon Days’ This was a new garden centre purchase on a whim, a lemon dahlia with an orange centre that works wellContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Mellow yellow and tangerine dreams”

Six on Saturday: Heat and shade

It is properly hot here today, predicted to reach 30C by the middle of the afternoon, although nowhere near the temperatures just across the Channel in France. With extreme weather on the rise, our gardens become more important than ever as an oasis of greenery and shade in a heatwave. Our garden is looking ratherContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Heat and shade”

Six on Saturday: After the rain

I have to confess I have not got much gardening done this week. Instead I have been cowering indoors, considering putting the heating on. The weeds are growing apace and the slugs and snails have devoured the Tagetes seedlings I lovingly planted out last week. I am hoping for some warm sunshine this weekend toContinue reading “Six on Saturday: After the rain”

Six on Saturday: Fleeting beauty

Peonies are the ultimate in fleeting beauty. Their scarce buds – this year we had only three – sit there in tight balls for a week or two before bursting into floral gorgeousness for a few brief days. Outside the wind is tossing our newly opened peonies around something rotten. I have been out toContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Fleeting beauty”

Six on Saturday: Flowers to make me less grumpy

Last night my husband and I had a rare night out without the kids who were staying at my parents and I was looking forward to a lie in this morning when I was rudely awoken at 8am by Southern Water drilling a hole outside my bedroom window. They are still there and the wholeContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Flowers to make me less grumpy”