Six on Saturday: The Temperature’s Rising

A late six from me this Saturday as I spent this morning at the William Robinson Festival in the wonderful garden at Gravetye, but that is for another blog. I am writing this at half-time (in the England vs Sweden World Cup football match for non-soccer fans living on the other side of the worldContinue reading “Six on Saturday: The Temperature’s Rising”

Six on Saturday: Sunshine, no rain

I wonder how other SOS-ers in Europe are coping with the current dry weather? Two water authorities in the UK have now declared a hosepipe ban. If Southern Water follows suit I don’t hold out much hope for our new lawn. I am beginning to think that I will have to choose only drought tolerant plantsContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Sunshine, no rain”

Six on Saturday: Blooming madness

Today is our wedding anniversary and last night we stayed over at The Bell in Ticehurst, East Sussex. The Bell is quite an unusual pub with rooms, which also organises literary events and a mini music festival. We stayed in one of four lodges set in a charming, slightly overgrown garden which was designed byContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Blooming madness”

Six on Saturday: Midsummer mayhem

It is nearly Midsummer and the garden should be at the peak of perfection… except it’s not. In places it is lovely: the roses are blooming, our herbaceous border has a feeling of romantic abundance and some of the veg in our raised beds are almost ready to crop. But this time of year isContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Midsummer mayhem”

Six on Saturday: Sumer is Icumen in

Walking in the Lake District fells last week with Mr Carrot and the Little Weeds we heard the song of the cuckoo echoing across Eskdale. Summer has definitely arrived in the garden; spring flowers are well and truly over: the allium flowers are drying out, but I will save them for their sculptural seedheads; myContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Sumer is Icumen in”

Six on Saturday: An Artist’s Garden

It is exactly a year since I started volunteering one day a week in the garden at Charleston farmhouse in East Sussex, where artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant lived and painted in the middle decades of the twentieth century. So for this week’s six I am sharing some photographs I took of the gardenContinue reading “Six on Saturday: An Artist’s Garden”

Six on Saturday: A quick six

Happy first birthday to The Propagator, who started this meme one year ago today. I have only been joining in since the start of the year, but it has already become a regular fixture in my gardening and blogging week. If you are not up to something exciting this sunny Bank Holiday weekend, then, likeContinue reading “Six on Saturday: A quick six”

Six on Saturday: April showers

The poor garden doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going at the moment. Scorching heat one minute, cold and wet the next. We have heavy rain forecast for Sunday and Monday but today there is just a lingering grey chill. Welcome to April in the UK. Anyway, here are my six for this week, joiningContinue reading “Six on Saturday: April showers”

Six on Saturday: Spring fever

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Littlest Weed is outside shouting his little cotton socks off (except he’s barefoot) – what’s not to like about this mini-heatwave? Like our esteemed host, The Propagator, I am loving the tulips this week, but there is lots more happening out in the garden worth a mentionContinue reading “Six on Saturday: Spring fever”